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We are in a new era of product creation in which the products adapt themselves to you. The time has arrived for new visual solutions using disruptive technologies that put in first place the user’s real needs.

mimesys®, thanks to a unique ecosystem of technologies, drives the creation of visual solutions focused on the needs of ECPs and users within the Virtual Reality environment and with the purpose to optimize retail processes, improve the product mix and offer new shopping experiences to users.

Below are the highlights of the universe of mimesys®:

  • Word-of-mouth: increase foot traffic to the store
  • Emotional sale
  • Objective, reproducible, and demonstrable diagnosis
  • Differentiation, prestige & recognition
Image 1: The universe of mimesys

The mimesys® glasses is a precision diagnostic tool that collects gaze dynamics data from the patient. Furthermore, it is a coaching tool thanks to the virtual lens simulator.

mimesys® glasses most important features:

  • Assesses patient’s gaze dynamics.
  • It is a controlled environment, not subject to variability.
  • It is a multisensory environment that simulates reality in a computerized way providing maximum immersion.
  • Coach patient how to use the lenses.


  1. mimesys® Learns through the study of visual needs of patients.
  2. mimesys® Interprets the gaze dynamics through Gaze Analyzer technology to assure a precise and reliable diagnosis for each patient.
  3. mimesys® Creates infinite solutions for infinite users applying the mimesys® Map of a user and providing them with a tailored progressive lens.
  4. mimesys® Simulates the experience of wearing progressive lenses as if the user is wearing them providing with a learning of use.
Image 1: Unique ecosystem of technologies



  1. Offers a paradigm shift that takes advantage of the potential of the most disruptive technology.
  2. It is a true revolution in the world of lenses that represents a new paradigm that will transform the current shopping experience.



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