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extreme prescriptions

The visual solution for extreme myopia

The best optics and aesthetics for extreme myopia.

The visual solution for
extreme myopias

Extreme myopia

Extreme myopia, which correspond to high sphere ranges,  is related to visual disabilities affecting both visual acuity and visual field.

EXTREME prescriptions is a spherical single vision design specifically designed to offer the best optics, aesthetics and lightness in extreme myopia.

Recommended to

Users with extreme prescriptions expecting the best aesthetics,comfort and visual quality of their lenses.

Sharp vision - Horizons Optical
No restrictions when choosing a frame
Ergonomic design - Horizons Optical
Better aesthetics in the final lens
Personalized lens - Horizons Optical
Greater range of prescriptions

Technologies included in HIGH prescriptions

Different options of personalization adapting the lens to any wearer expectation

Optimesh - Horizons Optical


Digital profile - Horizons Optical

Digital profile

Clearview technology - Horizons Optical


Recommended coatings

The best lens design should be combined with the best coating to provide at the end the best lens in terms of optics and aesthetics