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Thinmax - Horizons Optical - mobile

Aesthetics and lightness to the max

Unique technology patented by HORIZONS OPTICAL

Thinmax technology - Horizons Optical

Aesthetics and lightness to the max

ThinMax is an exclusive and patented technology of thickness optimization.

THINMAX - user

The best aesthetics ever

ThinMax patented technology allows for changes to be made to the curvature of the lens to overcome common manufacturing limitations and achieve a fully optimized lens, that corresponds to real frame.

Thanks to its unique production process, ThinMax technology provides the maximum reduction of thickness for positive lenses by considering real frame shape. This means tthe thinnest and lightest lens possible to get.

WOW effect

Like no other lens, ThinMax lens makes visible its unique technique. This is touchable. No other lens looks like a ThinMax lens. Do the demostration to your clients.

Thinmax lens
Personalized lens - Horizons Optical


Aesthetics lightness - Horizons Optical

Minimum thickness guaranteed

Precision in visual fields - Horizons Optical

Frame shape always centered

Optimized near vision - Horizons Optical

Enlarge the productivity of the polishing pads