A complete solution for the laboratory


A complete solution for the laboratory

Lens - services - Horizons Optical

Service is as important as the product

It is important not only how innovative is a product but how you support clients on its production. For us it is essential to help clients obtain the best visual quality and support them on their comprehension and sales by creating original arguments and tools.

Quality - Horizons Optical

Excellence in optics is the priority

Differentiation - Horizons Optical

Original, different and understandable arguments and tools

Confidence - Horizons Optical
Confidence and Reliability

With the support of an experienced and close R&D partner focused on innovation

Process consulting - Horizons Optical

Process consulting

HORIZONS OPTICAL provides with clients know-how in lens processing. During the installation, technicians support on equipment adjustment and in the creation of routines for production.

Optometric support - Horizons Optical

Optometric support

Technical team provides software technical support, ophthalmic lenses issues and also trainings and events.

Quality control - Horizons Optical

Quality control

Evaluation of and reporting on surfacing process, hard coatings and multilayer coatings.

Marketing services - Horizons Optical

Marketing support

Support with communication of technical messages, with the creation of marketing materials and promotions to help on sales of added-value products.