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Progressive lens designs

Providing differentiation for the ophthalmic lens laboratory

Progressive lens designs

Providing differentiation for the ophthalmic lens laboratory

Lens Progessive Lens Design

The future of progressive lens designs is here

Thanks to new tools of surface’s optimization combined with the know-how and expertise of our designers, a new generation of progressive lens designs is here

Lens Progressive Next Generation

Next generation

Two different brand-new philosophies of designing to reach different types of presbyopes


We are in a new era of product creation, where the products adapt to us. The time has come for your progressive lenses to mimic to the way you look. A new paradigm that redefines patient diagnosis and transforms today’s shopping experience.


The swim effect is related not only to the amount of astigmatism but also to the gradient of astigmatism. This effect results in an unstable and out of focus image. Orion and its revolutionary progression philosophy reduces this effect as ever before to provide a fully natural vision.


Performance in a progressive lens means the widest and cleanest fields of vision, means precision and efficiency. MaxView, high performance progressive lens.
Lens Progressive First Generation

First generation

The most advanced and versatile progressive lens designs combining personalization and patented technologies that make them unique.


Fully personalized progressive lens design taking advantage of the unique ClearView technology. Ingenious, a progressive lens with a unique gene.


Today consumers are actively demanders of personalized products. Metrics considers the personalization as a must.


Applying innovative optimization techniques to the standard range of progressive lens designs results in the most versatile progressive lens.