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Welcome to the most immersive  optical experience

We are in a new era of product creation, where the products adapt to us. The time has come for your progressive lenses to mimic to the way you look. A new paradigm that redefines patient diagnosis and transforms today’s shopping experience.

Focus on you

Thanks to a unique ecosystem of technologies, mimesys®finds a tailored progressive solution for each patient. Incorporating the study and interpretation of patient’s gaze dynamics, it makes a precise and reproducible diagnosis. Then, using a brand-new design technique, it creates a progressive lens that is tailored to the patient.

Natural and unrestricted vision tailored to each patient’s gaze dynamics

mimesys® is addressed to all demanding presbyopes expecting for visual quality and confidence through understandable and precise tools. It is specifically developed for those technology lovers engaged by advanced products.

Visual fields tailored to each user

A lens that is adapted to user’s gaze dynamics. 

Visual precision

Superb sharpness and precision in all gaze directions thanks to Optimesh. See more benefits of this technology

Ergonomic design

Ensures a comfortable position of the near zone for natural reading thanks to ErgoPath. See more benefits of this technology

Adapted to the digital world

Comfortable position when using hand held devices thanks to Digital Profile technology. See more benefits of this technology

Aesthetics and lightness to the max

Maximum reduction of thickness of positive lenses thanks to ThinMax. See more benefits of this technology

Lenses that evolve along with the user

Aggregated patient data. 


A disruptive solution

A new buying experience

 It delivers trust and reliability. 

Balanced lens

Balanced and minimized amount of blurriness at both sides of the corridor thanks to Binocular Balance technology. See more benefits of this technology

Sharp vision at all distances

Up to 20% unwanted astigmatism reduction thanks to ClearView patented technology. See more benefits of this technology

Technologies included in mimesys®

Different options of personalization adapting the lens to any wearer expectation


GD Mimetism

Clearview technology - Horizons Optical


Ergopath - Horizons Optical


Binocular balance - Horizons Optical


Binocular Balance - Horizons Optical

Binocular Balance

Optimesh - Horizons Optical


Digital profile - Horizons Optical

Digital Profile

Recommended coatings

The best lens design should be combined with the best coating to provide at the end the best lens in terms of optics and aesthetics

Digital IR

A complete filter to protect eyes from all harmful radiations: IR radiation coming from the Sun and Blue light coming from handheld devices.

Emerald IR

Aesthetics and protection against IR radiation coming from the Sun.


Almost invisible lens to see and look as ever before.

Sun IR

Protection and visual comfort outdoors.