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The satisfaction of progressive users is subjective and depends on their individual perception. This means that, between two progressive lenses in the same category (e.g., Premium), two different users may prefer solutions from different manufacturers.

Currently, the progressive lens market offers finite solutions, so the user has a limited list of design options to choose from, frequently biased by the sales relationship that has been previously established between the optician and their supplier.

The great challenge of the ophthalmic sector has been to advance the understanding and characterization of users in order to identify their preferences, with the aim of achieving a fully personalized progressive lens that guarantees success.


Based on clinical trials carried out in recent years by Horizons Optical on progressive lenses, it has been verified that there are optical characteristics that have different perceptions and acceptance by different users and that there is a preferred solution.

The study of gaze dynamics allows us to understand the space and frequency of use of each of the areas of the lens when looking through it. For the same reason, gaze dynamics has shown itself to be a key element in improving understanding of how ophthalmic lenses are used.

Horizons Optical has a tool for measuring gaze dynamics: mimesys® glasses. It is a virtual reality helmet with software specifically designed to diagnose the gaze dynamics of a specific patient, that is, it is possible to measure eye and head movements in a controlled manner in a known environment free of external conditions.

Studying gaze dynamics enables you to understand the frequency of use of each area of the lens when looking through it.


The R&D user tests carried out in a controlled environment at Horizons Optical have enabled relating parameters of the frequency maps to their preference for the main characteristics of progressive lenses. Based on this revolutionary breakthrough, it has been possible to develop lens design technology that blends in with the preference of the user and that uses frequency maps as the main input.

This algorithm also takes other relevant aspects into account, such as the user’s prescription or position of wear, to design a lens fully adapted to each person’s needs.

The results of this algorithm have been tested in subsequent clinical trials to compare the resulting mimesys® Lens design against premium designs from European and Asian philosophies. Consequently, the resulting lens is a progressive lens fully adapted to and personalized for the end user.

The study was carried out with 51 progressive lens expert users who randomly tested all three products and responded to a satisfaction questionnaire.

One of the parameters that emerged as a good indicator of success in users’ preferences was adaptation time.

The following graph shows the adaptation times collected in this user test, which were immediate for 89%, and took less than a day for 100% of mimesys® (2) Lens users.

Image 1: Graphical representation of the data obtained.

These results confirm that a totally personalized lens for each user guarantees adaptation to the progressive lens from the first day of use.

Finally, the overall assessment of each of the progressives tested offers a clearer vision of the improvement that mimesys® (2) Lens offers, having obtained the highest average score compared to the top European lenses and also compared to the top Asian lenses, emphasizing the fact that in all it cases, they are the benchmark premium lenses on the market.

Image 2: Graphical representation of the data obtained.


To conclude, it is important to highlight the importance of providing advanced solutions that provide benefits to all the agents in the value chain. A progressive lens such as mimesys® (2) Lens with a high level of customization allows for:

  • Offering the end user a 100% ergonomic design, with adapted visual fields, maximum visual acuity, as well as a new purchasing experience that provides confidence to the consumer.
  • Provide a universe of advantages for the professional by offering an objective, replicable and demonstrable diagnosis of each patient’s unique way of looking, providing professionalism and rigor.

Furthermore, the professional has an understandable and easy-to-use selling tool that enables them to build an innovative, cutting-edge store image, as well as the opportunity to increase traffic thanks to the word of mouth effect.


(1)Reference: 2020 order data, HO.

(2)mimesys® Lens: Solution to provide a tailored progressive lens.