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In the optical industry, the customization of progressive lenses is a key aspect of increasing the product mix.

However, there is a paradox in that around 80% of the orders received use default values. Consequently, only 20% use actual wear position values for ophthalmic lens customization. (1).

This makes it clear that there is a business opportunity.

The lens centering process is a key element in lens customization. To customize progressive lenses, certain additional parameters associated with the wearer’s facial characteristics are incorporated into the lens calculation. These parameters must be measured by the professional in a rigorous and precise way in order to offer the user a final optical lens with the best performance.

Correct centration requires extreme precision for the best possible visual performance.

Horizons Optical presents INVISION, a digital platform that optimizes optical processes by improving the product mix and providing a new shopping experience for the user. Specifically, INVISION FIT is a lens centering application that allows for rigor and professionalism in the process thanks to the precision of 3D technology.Esta tecnología 3D permite:

  • 3D calculation of the user’s face.
  • Nanometer precision with a control of more than 100,000 points of the user’s face.
  • Interactivity: user-friendly digital display. Ensures ergonomic positioning.
  • Connectivity between device and digital platform.


On the other hand, INVISION FIT has been developed taking into account the key aspects during measurement. For this reason, it is composed of:

  • 4 cameras with visible and infrared illumination. With a single shot, the images are captured synchronously, facilitating the user’s experience and the professional’s process.
  • A mirror located in the central part of the head that ensures the ergonomic position of the user.
  • A touch screen with intuitive interface and process guidance to facilitate the practitioner’s work and the user’s shopping experience.
  • Vertically adjustable head covering a wide range.
  • State-of-the-art processor.


Thanks to the 3D technology and the technical aspects considered during its development, INVISION FIT offers: An agile and simple centering process considering the user’s shopping experience and facilitating the professional’s work.


Consta de 3 pasos diferenciados:

  1. In taking the photograph the user should be in an optimal position.
  2. The user experiences the adjustment of the process always assisted by the professional.
  3. The results can be viewed in a web service from any device.


  • PRECISION: Maximum precision in capturing patient and frame data thanks to 3D technology. All the position parameters necessary for the correct centering of the lenses are obtained: HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL BOXING, DBL, FITTING, BOXING & RING HEIGHT, NASO-PUPILLARY DISTANCE, WRAP ANGLE, PANTOSCOPIC ANGLE, VERTEX DISTANCE.
Image 1: Measurement of patient and frame data.
  • VERSATILITY: Adaptable to all types of frames, including rimless, half-rim and sunglasses.
  • AUTOMATION: Automatic detection of the user’s pupils and the frame. It is important to note that the pupil measurement accuracy is 0.1mm.
Image 2: Auto detection.
  • AGILITY: INVISION FIT has a touch screen, it is only necessary to take a photograph and, in addition, no mask or clip is required for the correct detection of the user.
  • REPETIBILITY: Reliability in the measurement that gives confidence to the professional.

The relationship between the number of repetitions in a given time between measurements obtained with INVISION FIT vs. other centering devices is shown below:

Image 3: Comparison of repeatability between INVISION FIT and other devices (2).

In conclusion, INVISION FIT provides retailers and opticians with process efficiency thanks to the automation of order data. It also offers them differentiation, cross-selling and loyalty.

In addition, for the user, it is a new shopping experience that will provide confidence, optimum lens performance, easy adaptation and, of course, satisfaction.


                              (1), (2) Reference: 2020 order data, HO