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The technological revolution has transformed our way of interacting with the world, and every day we face new visual experiences that shape our perspective. This is because, we live in a fascinating and dynamic era, where moder life unfolds at an accelerated pace with constant changes in lifestyle.

In a constantly changing world, visual demands evolve:

  1. Adaptability to new devices and new work environments
  2. Dynamics & constant change of different focus distances
  3. High visual demand to may simultaneous stimuli
  4. Precision & Attention to different tasks that require varying visual needs.

But ¿What global impact does moder life have on the optical industry?

  1. Need of constant innovation: It helps stay ahead, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.
  2. Variability of specific solutions: each visual task requires different visual demands.
  3. Products with added value: more innovative and technologies applied.
  4. Cost increase: the need of specific solutions with more added value to achieve the best visual performance has a direct impact with the pricing.


Considering all these factors, it becomes evident that there is a necessity for what Horizons Optical terms as Fluid Innovation: Adaptability in Progressive Lenses.

Progressive Lenses must adapt to these visual demands by providing the best visual quality in any situation.

Horizons Optical is introducing two revolutionary families of progressive Lenses:

Like a fluid, Horizons Optical new Lenses have been designed to adapt to the changing demands of modern life:

  1. Applying internal knowledge obtained from clinical studies to enhance the user’s visual experience.
  2. Philosophy adapted to the constant changes imposed by modern life.
  3. Designs tailored to new digital devices and work environments.
  4. Products created to address high visual demand with clarity and comfort.
  5. Products with added value accessible to all users.

LIQUID & AQUA have to main features that make them unique and unreplaceable:

  1. The Control of the gradient of astigmatism: thanks to its control, the user’s perception and visual acuity are improved. The gradient of astigmatism represents the changes of the astigmatism until it reaches its maximum: ACCELERATION.

The ACCELERATION is represented with aa scale to differentiate how fast is the astigmatism increased. The control of this ACCELERATION is directly related to visual perception and comfort.

In this particular case, the amount of lateral aberrations is reduced compared to previous high and mid-level designs.


Image1:  Gradient of astigmatism map


Image2:  Gradient of astigmatism map

2. Binocular Balance technology

A progressive lens is a complex lens with a distribution of power different in each part of its surface. The progressive change of power in the intermediate zone generates lateral astigmatism in both sides of the umbilical line (*).

However, when looking at near objects the eyes converge, they rotate towards the nasal area, to bring the image on corresponding points of the retina and that use it in the brain. To follow the eye movement during convergence, the near vision area of a progressive lens is designed with a lateral displacement towards the nasal sone (Inset).

This lateral displacement causes the lens to lose symmetry and causes the astigmatism to be concentrated more in the nasal zone than in the temporal zone generating an aberrant power imbalance.

Horizons Optical provides the best solution to this imbalance with Binocular Balance technology.

Binocular Balance technology reduces the imbalance between the nasal and temporal areas of the progressive lens and minimizes the astigmatism values. Thus, it has direct benefits for the final user:

  • Perfect binocular vision.
  • Enhances visual perception.
  • Improved fusion of peripheral images.
  • Near vision enhancement.
  • Maximum comfort.


(*) Minkwitz G. Bemerkungen uber nabelpunktslinien auf flachen-stucken. Monatsberichte der deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften 1965;7:608–10


“It’s not just an improvement, it’s a complete transformation of your visual experience.”



Horizons Optical is committed to providing innovative and accessible products that enhance the quality of vision life for all users.

Thanks to the Control of the gradient of astigmatism, we are improving the user visual perception, adaptation and providing constant innovation.

On the other hand, thanks to Binocular Balance technology we are offering products with added value but accessible to all users as both products are categorised in the Mid and High level.



Horizons Optical.