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The success of an optician on a large scale is determined by the services provided to the customer and to be able to reduce their working times.

The world of sales changes so much that you must have constant training to avoid falling into routine. For this reason, it is very important to:

  • Give the best service.
  • Stay up to date with new techniques.
  • Work on prevention for our patients. Be true prescribers of visual health. Those are some of our daily maxims.

However, every day our patients ask us to be closer and closer to them. Patients and clients increasingly more informed and also more demanding.

In this task of being increasingly closer to them, the sales tools for your optician work very closely.

But what techniques work best for me to offer my patient what they really need?

For Horizons Optical dispensing tools are tools dedicated to help ECPs to sell technology. It demonstrates those properties that are currently an act of faith and make tangible what is invisible.

There are different dispensing tools addressed to Point of Sales Representative. Those with the aim to:

  • Appreciate the aesthetic improvement between different lenses or technologies.
  • Understand the advantages of a specific design.
  • Improve the customer experience specifically addressed to Retail.

Dispensing Tools offers experience and helps to differentiate yourself in the market, it is key that you generate those positive experiences that attract your audience to your space.

Constant training:


Horizons Optical.