HORIZONS OPTICAL develop and provide technologies and services to ophthalmic laboratories, optical chains with production capacity and other industries in the optical sector.

Our mission is to provide an innovative solution from a combined perspective of R&D and client focus.

HORIZONS OPTICAL aims to be the technological partner of the client ofering cutting-edge technology join with a complete range of services to ensure quality products and to offer to clients profitable and differentiated solutions: 

HORIZONS OPTICAL provides a complete solution to the customer:

•    Differentiated designs
•    Premium coatings
•    Exclusive technology

•    LDS/LMS integration and installation
•    Personalized customer assistance
•    Quality control and process consulting
•    Sales and marketing support
•    Technical and product training

HORIZONS OPTICAL offers the design which contains the calculation to manufacture a lens, the coating to be applied to this lens ad also accompanies the client from the LDS installation till the after-sales.