Innovation has been a constant at HORIZONS OPTICAL since the company started. Great advances in terms of innovation are the result of the work carried out by our R&D department, under the discipline of Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a user-focused discipline.This integrates people’s need, with the possibilities of technology together while blending this all together with a viable business strategy.

HORIZONS OPTICAL increases its potential for innovation through open Innovation. Our permanent collaboration with universities, technology centers, companies and suppliers totals over 50 additional researchers. HORIZONS has led and participated in five open research projects funded by the European Commission in recent years.

HORIZONS OPTICAL's research focuses on the development of ophthalmic lenses, using its own design technology and specific software tailored to the design process.



I + D

Progressives & Single Vision


Lens Design is the team that, since FreeForm was first created, has enabled the launch in the market of such groundbreaking designs, based on visual strategy or on ThinMax advanced design technology.


Clinical Testing, Visual strategy


The patient's experience integrates the perspective in the entire process, for the design and evaluation of a product, system or service. The integration includes both emotional aspects of the patient (predisposition, expectations, needs, motivations...) and characteristics of the system designed (complexity, usability, functionality...) and the context in which the interaction occurs.



Unique AR multicoatings


Lens treatments are dedicated to the research and development of coatings for ophthalmic lenses that provide advantages such as hydrophobicity, lipophobicity, scratch resistance, anti-reflective treatments or protective filters (HORIZONS OPTICAL patented) of infrared or blue light.


Free Form


Prototypes and Metrology focuses on the search for new production processes and technologies; it seeks to maximize the level of accuracy in metrology applied to lenses. In this sense, our team is responsible for all developments relating to FreeForm technology and associated measuring to ensure the quality of products on all machines that produce FreeForm.