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At Horizons Optical we work to offer the optical industry innovative and creative solutions that allow for improving the positioning of companies in the market. In the field of ophthalmic lenses, the premium lens offering enables laboratories around the world to differentiate themselves with fresh solutions and attractive tools. In 2022 at Horizons Optical we started the 360° lens coating plan, a service plan in the coating environment that pursues maximum efficiency and quality through the expertise, innovation, and technology that Horizons provides.

Coating technicians know that day-to-day laboratory operations can be complicated when it comes to manufacturing coatings: formulas that need adjustment, changes in the supplier of consumables, establishing a level of quality and complying with it, the need to be more efficient. Years of experience with laboratories around the world have allowed us to acquire the skills to be able to react to varied situations. An example is the exclusive Cairo software, configured specifically for each laboratory, which enables consistency in the optical parameters of production—regardless of the cause that has generated the deviation—and in a totally autonomous way. At Horizons Optical we have experts in the development and manufacture of lens coatings who offer their know-how and expertise to laboratory managers in order to improve processes and profitability.

Image 1: CAIRO platform

From a commercial perspective, integrating advanced coatings in premium lenses provides leverage in improving the product portfolio. It’s a powerful commercial offering that incorporates innovative products with distinguishing solutions, attractive sales tools, and a powerful high-level sales team aligned with the business strategy—all of which are key to increasing prestige and brand recognition, boosting sales and profits. Training plays a very important role: transmitting knowledge and applying new methodologies enable technological growth to be achieved through innovation and therefore increase efficiency.

For this reason, the continuous training of the laboratory’s technical team is essential so that continuous improvement can take place in all aspects related to production. Also of high importance is the training of the laboratory’s sales team since a well-trained team with in-depth knowledge of the product and the processes is key to success, due to their dual role as a product representative and as an ECP trainer.

All these aspects are included in the 360° coatings plan, which is a set of services that enables coatings processes to be improved in the laboratory, as well as a business opportunity to offer more added value to the market.

We invite ophthalmic laboratories to transform their business by taking a qualitative leap with the 360° coating plan for lenses!