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A visual solution for the hyperconnected generation

92% of Millennials owner smartphone and spend 5+ hours per day using it. This is the hyperconnected generation

Millenials - users

Visual problems associated to the use of handheld devices

Around 60 M people in the world suffer from some visual problem associated with the use of digital devices. Millennials lens design assists with comfortable vision during intensive use of handheld devices to pre-presbyopes who use digital devices frequently and also to ametropic digital natives.

Objects in near vision are unable to focus on the retina or do so in an unstable way. Difficulty focusing on nearby objects causes eye strain: discomfort, headaches, stinging and redness.

Digital natives resisting against eye strain

Continued use of handheld devices requires greater visual effort. This is because new electronic devices need to be held much closer to the eye. Tablets are used in a range distance from 30 to 40 cm, smartphones from 20 to 30 cm. This causes eye strain, early appearance of far-sightedness.

Optimized near vision - Horizons Optical

3 options combined for a better adaptation

Personalized lens - Horizons Optical
Personalized lens

Personalized lens considering the real position of use thanks to Optimesh. See more benefits of this technology

Escellence visual comfort - Horizons Optical
Blue light

Filters sleep-disrupting light to protect the eyes thanks to eDigital (when combined with the recommended coating)


Adaptable to all types of frames

Technologies included in Millennials

Different options of personalization adapting the lens to any wearer expectation


Recommended coatings

The best lens design should be combined with the best coating to provide at the end the best lens in terms of optics and aesthetics