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The solution for Prescription Wrap Frames

Horizons Optical has developed the CURVEDstyle design that solves the limitations of the wrap lenses and frames.


Because wrap frames limit the binocular visual field due to the high curvature,  user perceives blurred vision and chromatic distortion in the periphery.

To achieve an optimal binocular field of view for a full frame, the CURVEDstyle design uses the frames shape and defines the optimal viewing area (*) for every lens to improve the visual field in wrap frames.

* Our analysis indicates the angle of 120.

Recommended to

CURVEDstyle design is the best visual solution for the ametrope user of wrap eyewear.

Optimized peripheral vision

Guaranteeing 120° of binocular visual field
Escellence visual comfort - Horizons Optical


Comfortable transition when moving between areas
Aesthetics lightness - Horizons Optical

Thinner lenses

Both positive and negative lenses with maximum reduction of thicknesses

Technologies included in CURVEDstyle

Different options of personalization adapting the lens to any wearer expectation

Optimesh - Horizons Optical


Clearview technology - Horizons Optical


Recommended coatings

CURVEDstyle design should be combined with the best coating to provide at the end the best lens in terms of optics and aesthetics.


Digital IR

Emerald IR