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Clinical trials play a crucial role in evaluating the safety and efficacy of new medicines, procedures, disease prevention strategies, and eye care solutions. In the context of eye care solutions, technological innovation has always been integral to ophthalmology and optometry, given the significance of vision as one of the most vital human senses.


The Visual System undertakes complex tasks, encompassing the reception of light, the formation of monocular neural representations, color vision, neural mechanisms for stereopsis, assessment of distances to objects, and the identification of specific objects of interest. In essence, the Visual System constructs a mental representation of the world around us, contributing to our ability to navigate physical space successfully and interact with individuals and objects in our environment.

Due to the direct impact of the Visual System to look and to learn, it is very important to study how the vision can be constantly improved and how developers can provide to society visual solutions to easily improve the user experience and lifestyle. By participating in the new research, you help further the development of new solutions that may benefit you and future generations. In many cases, clinical trials are conducted to see if one treatment strategy is better than another one. Furthermore, clinical trials are conducted to make sure that a new treatment strategy or product is safe and effective before approving or clearing it for use.

Horizons Optical aims to deliver a better vision to society in combination with an exciting in-store experience and accelerating the adoption of new technologies oriented towards a better quality of optical solutions and services. For this reason, Horizons Optical bets for the constant investment with a full fit Innovation plan. The User Experience department provides knowledge about the user’s perception of the products and technologies developed. Also, promote innovation and maintain the company as a reference of innovation in the sector. Clinical trials will be carried out in Horizons Optical through measuring instruments, subjective tests, and laboratory tests. The combination of internal and external user tests allows us to carry out an exhaustive analysis and offer products based on DESIGN THINKING, because the opinion of people is the most important thing.

  • It puts the focus on the person, improving the understanding of the visual needs of patients.
  • The knowledge obtained allows to increase the perceived quality of the products.
  • Obtains specific properties of each product.
  • Compare different products and highlight the qualities of each of them.
  • Real marketing, based on solid technical arguments.
  • Validate the product before launch.
  • Generate knowledge for divulgation.


Horizons Optical with its Clinical Trials is creating value for the optical industry keeping the vision for the future.


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