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Real index thickness comparison

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Displays the actual thickness according to the
entered parameters.

Balanced lens - Horizons Optical
Business opportunity

 Solve paradox of values: added value sales. Increased product mix.    

Perception of no limits - Horizons Optical

 Suitable for all types of frames: rimless, half-rim and sunglasses.    

Accelerated adaptation - Horizons Optical

 Automatic pupil and frame detection: 0.1 mm pupil accuracy.    

Escellence visual comfort - Horizons Optical

Agile and easy centering process: touch-screen, just 1 shot, no mask or clip required. 

Sharp vision - Horizons Optical
Customer experience

 Optimum patient position. Develops the optical store image. 

Balanced lens - Horizons Optical

Reliability and efficiency capturing data: provides confidence to the ECP.